September 19, 2012

Unassumingly festive ~Kaju Badam Barfi~

Driven by intense conversations regarding “Barfi” (the Ranbir Kapoor one people!), I couldn’t help but think about the real and the first connotation the word “barfi” has had for me since childhood. In fact, it has also been the only thing I have been thinking for quite a while. Sounds strange??..well might be..but I just couldn’t help but think about the real barfi when that’s the word all over and I am very sure most of you must have lingered on the same too ;)

So with my injury healing quite fairly and with the upcoming Ganesh Utsav, I had been burning to make something new and exciting. It had been a while since I had done something rousing in the kitchen and should I say, I was dying to do so. But to be very frank, I had never thought of making Barfi EVER until last weekend and this was the first time I had even dared to look up recipes to help me make it. No matter how rich and delicious it might taste, this humble sweet had an awful impression of being cumbersome to make. Now since my Ma hadn’t tried it either, I turned to the usual help - our very own Google. As I scoured the internet for a recipe, the first recipe to pop up was that of talented Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Each Sunday I was as excited to watch him at noon as much I was to watch Disney World at 9. Completely contrasting and confusing right? Well it seemed so to me too when I thought about it and it wasn’t until recently that I did.

This recipe is adapted from his version of the classic but there were certain steps  I decided to modify for ease and add in my own signature. The first change was to add in toasted almonds and little did I know that I was in for a pleasant surprise. Adding the toasted almonds gives a toasty undertone to the barfi and adds in a layer of additional jazz. The second change was the time I boiled the syrup. I wanted to boil the syrup till it was just ready and THEN add the nut mixture so that it too got a chance to simmer in the syrup. This way the mixture as well as the syrup got a chance to cook unlike other ones where it tastes raw. My first try was more of an experiment since I was yet to figure out the making and workings of the recipe. The end product turned out to be good regardless of the many follies I committed. Now equipped with the workings, I tried it again with my own twist and now I have a basic recipe for life. 

Kaju Badam Barfi/ Kaju Badam Katli

The inherent rich creaminess of cashews along with the toasty undertone of roasted almonds provides a pleasant twist to the usual candied cashew diamonds (aka barfi). Surprisingly simple and easy to prepare, this unassuming and dainty sweet is sure to wow your guests this festive season.

Adapted from this recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
(Makes 10-15 depending on the size)

½ C sugar
½ C water
¼ C Peeled & toasted almonds 
¾ C Raw Cashewnuts

¼ tsp rose water (Optional)
Roasted cashew halves for garnish (Optional)


1. Grind the cashews and the toasted almonds to a fine powder and keep aside.

2. In a non-stick pan over medium heat, bring the water and sugar to a boil. Boil the syrup over medium heat for ~ 5 mins till it gets viscous (one string consistency). 

3. Lower the heat and add in the cashew and almond powder while stirring consistently to avoid lumps. Add in the rose water and stir while simmering the mixture for ~ 7 mins till the mixture starts leaving the sides. Take off the stove while the mixture looks slightly runny. Don’t worry since the mixture soaks in the extra water while resting.

4. Let it cool till it’s touchable. Knead well till the dough is shiny and leaves oil. 

5. Roll out the dough into a thin layer and cut in the shape of diamonds. Garnish with toasted cashews to add the authentic hint.


To check for one string consistency, add a drop of the syrup onto a thin layer of water, it will appear as a viscous drop when ready.

2. To test if the mixture is cooked, wet your fingers and roll the dough in between your fingers. If it rolls into a ball, it’s done.

3. If the dough is runny still, cook it over the stove for a few mins till you achieve the required consistency.

4. If the dough hardens, use some milk to knead it.

5. Knead the mixture while it’s still warm. The dough seems less pliable, when it cools down completely. In between if it becomes difficult to roll, warm it briefly in the microwave and roll.

6. After rolling out the dough, use a piece of wax paper to smoothen out the surface of the barfi for a shinier and smoother finish.

7. To avoid wastage, roll out the left over sides while rolling out the barfi and roll again.

8. It stays fresh upto 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator and upto 1 week at room temperature.

While my second try at this sweet delight was a success, I am sure to try out different versions of this. I have been rattling my brains to think of new variations to this age old loved sweet and will sure update when I try any.
Here’s wishing you all a happy Ganesh Chaturthi! 

Have a great rest of the week,

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  1. Lovely recipe, lovely picture...I wish I was this passionate about cooking as I was about eating (but then you can't fins an odia who doesn't like eating). Great job Jagruti!

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  4. Thanks so much everyone for your nice words! :) Very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you :)

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