April 1, 2012

Pearls of divinity - "Sabudanyachi Khichadi"

Isn't it absolutely wonderful that India’s rich culinary diversity allows for so many techniques and tastes to thrive harmoniously to form the rich,delectable culinary history that we all know of. The best part of it is being provided with the opportunity to learn, adapt and appreciate those similarities and differences in culture, practices and cuisine. One such cuisine I have been strongly influenced by is the simple, subtle and delectable Maharashtrian cuisine.I do NOT proclaim to be a master but yes I have developed a liking for it due to two personal reasons, the first one being the influence of a bunch of Maharastrian friends and secondly, due its strong resemblance to Odia food in its simplicity and ease of preparation. When I say simple, I don’t imply in anyway that its very easy to make. As I have often noticed some of the simplest preparations can be one of the most difficult ones to replicate just due to a lack of the proper technique. Even though there might not be too much to do, yet just this simple basic knowledge of a particular step can make a hell lot of a difference.

I realized this when I decided to make "Sabudanyachi khichadi". By then I had witnessed numerous references to this subtle, flavorful preparation that was very close to heart to a lot of my Maharastrian friends. I resolved to learn it just for the simple fact that it made my close ones happy. For what other reason do we cook anyway? Now, even though this recipe was new to me and I had never tasted it before, I decided to give it a try. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right? Well,my first try was a disaster as most of us who have tried this recipe might concur that its so easy to get a sticky, gooey mass of tapioca pearls when not done right.

Then an idea struck and as I looked back I realized, that even though I had never tasted it before, that sabudanyachi khichadi’s key ingredient- tapioca pearls have always been a part of my childhood. Not very fond memories actually since I did not like it very much(and hence the delay in the recall), but then we had a very different preparation. The memories of my ma threatening to feed me with soaked sabu dana with milk, coconut and other goodies, still haunt me.How much I hated that! However, when I decided to make this, I called up my ma to find out the key secret to its preparation which is the first and primary step of soaking these overnight. Well for me that was pretty much it. I got it ! I completely got it that all it took was a proper soak and Voila! you have perfect sabu danyachi khichadi which was NOT a gooey mess.

Sabudanyachi Khichadi

This recipe is very versatile both in terms of the quantity of ingredients as well as by being either a snack, breakfast and most importantly "Vrat ka Khana".Its usually cooked up during fasts during auspicious days. All of the ingredients can be altered as per one’s desire.It typically has a slightly sweet taste and as per my experience and several insider inputs, the sugar quantity is usually higher than in any other recipe, but it can definitely be altered as per one’s wish.


1 cup tapioca pearls (Sabu dana)
½ cup coarsely powdered peanuts (Danya cha koot)
3 teaspoons sugar
Salt to taste
2 teaspoon peanut oil
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 small potato cubed
1 green chili chopped
Few drops of lemon juice
Coriander leaves (Optional)
1 T of ghee.


1.Soaking (THE most important step) – Wash the pearls once, drain it properly and soak it in water that just covers the pearls. Let it sit overnight and in the morning, if you still think that it requires more water, sprinkle some and let it sit for sometime.The pearls should look fluffed up and translucent.Fluff up the soaked sabudana with a fork to loosen them up.

2. Mix in the coarsely ground roasted peanuts, sugar and salt.

3. Add oil to the pan,stir in the cumin, potato, chillies, and wait until the potatoes soften up.Then add the soaked sabu dana.Keep stirring the pan for about 4-5 mins.

4. Sprinkle in 5-6 drops of lemon juice and a dab of ghee at the end,garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.

When I started out with this recipe, I surfed the internet to find a step-by-step recipe that would make it look like a breeze, but alas didn't find any! 
So I hope that this actually helps you get this recipe even if you have never seen or even worked with tapioca pearls before. 

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  1. First timer here, liked your presentation and write ups, makes the posts quite interesting :)

  2. Hi Kanchan,
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  3. Nice Recipe. This kind of Kichadi is new to me. But looks very delicious.
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  4. Thanks Divya for hosting the event! Am glad that you liked this :)

  5. Hi Jagruti. This is beautifully done. The way you have soaked it is perfect. My MIL used to mix some curds also when soaking up the sabudana.
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  6. Perfectly made. Love the click and the pearls stand out well.

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  7. Jaggu, found your sabudanyachi khichdi recipe--was going to call you, but then thought I might find it on your blog. Love the pictures and descriptions--super cool! Priyanka


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